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05 Oct

Dear FUMSA family

I am honoured to be presenting my candidature for the position of FUMSA President for the term 2015/2016.

My name is Twineamatsiko Andrew a 4th year medical student at Gulu University. I have and still serve as the General Secretary for this great federation. I have also served at my MSA GUMSA for the past 3 years during which I have gained a lot of skills and experience which are invaluable and have made me a better enthusiastic leader both as a health activist and a future professional in the health sector

Since 2012, my first year in medical school, I have indulged into many leadership roles at MSA level but most importantly was my breakthrough to the federation which has been pivotal in all I have achieved.

Driven by this passion, I have managed to serve as General Secretary GUMSA (2014), interim GUMSA president (Oct-Dec 2014) general secretary OC ARM 2014(2014) and presently General Secretary FUMSA.

It is during this service that I have gained lots of knowledge on how to manage an organisation and team building, I hope through the entire term to be driven by a few aspects which when successfully implemented with push FUMSA to heights and its presence be felt both at national, regional and global level.

A team built on advocacy, negotiation, mobilisation, and constructive engagement of the team of officials, MSA leaders and entire medical students Nationwide is all it takes to sustain an NMO to a level FUMSA has reached and even achieve great.

With all these, we shall see a year of achievement through; external representation to meetings and other conferences, something that has already started and process still continues expecting a higher number.

FUMSA to build a better and stronger links with the major stakeholders in health sector both in the country and outside Uganda, these include WHO, UNESCO and Ministry of Health and Uganda Medical Association.

More national and international projects to be implemented by the federation with atleast a project in each standing committee in the federation.

Capacity building for all the medical students nationwide in the field of medical technology, projects and any other opportunity that requires training.

Through the external and internal links, raising a financially stable federation is paramount, this will be of great importance in that the federation can sustained some of the ongoing activities, these include a more lively physical T.O meetings, an increased number of students attending the FUMSA general assemblies and IFMSA gatherings too.

The current challenges the Federation is facing are expected to be handled and these among others are NGO registration, website update and debts of the Federation.

Lastly having a team that will not only aim at serving the federation but target going further to serve at international level, this builds the name not only for the federation, MSA you belong but as a country at large.

Having a leader who loves what he or she is doing is always our major target, FUMSA has continuously grown and this is because of sustainability through mentorship of the young medical students in the field. This will continuously be done throught the new term and future terms.

Yours faithfully


Skype: twineamatsiko.andrew

Twitter: @Apidson

Tel: +256787455808/ +256706691436

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