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06 Oct

The remit of the first Edition of the Gulu University Medical Journal was that it should publish spot on information on tropical medicine in sub-Saharan Africa. The subsequent editions carried on the mission with progressive integration since the perspective was continuously changing. The later editions therefore had to offer increasing coverage on non-communicable disease since the healthcare systems were making small but stable leaps over the communicable illnesses. The setup of the journal too sought to offer spotlight on spinning and exploding epidemics that continue to stealthily strike the world.


Research and discoveries in the school were and are happening at breakneck speed. The journal facility therefore had to offer a platform to document and share the details of the findings from the ODONGO-AGINYA STAINS to discovered NUTRITIONAL THERAPIES in the pediatric units.

Correspondence research in immunology and genetics is providing a dawn of hope in the cure of AIDS, Ebola, Cancer and so many other maladies between the lines. It is therefore not weird when we cover the genomic sequencing of T.CRUZI from correspondence in KAROLINSKA that causes CHAGA’S disease in the distant Amazon. It is because it offers clues on the genome of T. BRUCEI in the sub-Saharan woodlands.


The sphere of readers is ever growing, the consortia built with other medical schools notable among others; Universiti di Napoli (a support institution), the Ugandan, African and International Federations of Medical Schools continuously offers platform to share publications. All to the transformation of the smitten world health care system.


The burgeoning interest in medical research among students is evident and with a comprehensive curriculum that fancies medical curiosity, the stage is set for the young scientist.

In the interests of scientific parsimony, let me meet you in the pages of your GUMJ copy.








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